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How to Find a Dependable Denton HVAC Contractor

No matter where you live, keeping cool in the summer and warm in the winter is a major concern and an HVAC contractor plays a key roll in climate controlled comfort. An HVAC or heating, ventilating, and air conditioning contractor takes care of installing and maintaining the climate control equipment in your home or business. Selecting the correct Denton HVAC contractor for the job is as vital to your equipment’s operation as the equipment you choose.

Finding a qualified Denton shouldn’t be a difficult task. Yet the simple fact is that a lot of people don’t have any idea what they should be looking for when they need to find a knowledgeable HVAC contractor. Whether you need repairs or a new heating or air conditioning system installed, its important to find an HVAC contractor you can trust to provide quality work and reliable service.

The Importance of Finding the Right Denton HVAC Contractor

A Denton HVAC contractor will have to do an onsite inspection whether you need new equipment or improvements on your existing system. Don’t do business with any HVAC contractor that doesn’t first perform an onsite inspection of an installation job or equipment that needs repair. They could be more interested in your money than in providing you with quality service.

The HVAC contractor will need to calculate the heat-load of your home or business by use of a checklist and determining the square footage. He can then provide you with a written quote outlining the cost of parts, equipment and labor. Also if you are having a new system installed a reliable Denton HVAC contractor will usually offer more than one system option to best fit your needs and budget. You may be able to finance your system and receive an extended warranty as well.

If you have an older system that is no longer efficient, a Denton HVAC contractor will ask specific questions and run a number of tests to pinpoint the problem and find solutions. Some systems are simply too small for the home or business where they are installed and your Denton HVAC contractor can help you decide on a new system or appropriate upgrade . In the long run this can prove to be less expensive and more energy efficient.

A Denton HVAC Contractor: What to Look for

It’s also imperative that they carry the proper insurance including workers compensation and that they are bonded to protect you against damages to your home.

Make sure there is a listing in your local phone book for any Denton HVAC contractor you are thinking of hiring. An established office or shop is probably an indication of a reputable company within the community. An HVAC contractor should volunteer any contact information, including emergency contact numbers. If any contractor is lacking a business address or other appropriate contact information, how can you be sure they’ll be available if your system should ever need repairs?

Find out what type of equipment a Denton HVAC contractor uses to test your heating system and how they detect potential levels of carbon monoxide to verify the safety of your home or business. When working with cooling equipment, how does the contractor dispose of potentially environmentally hazardous refrigerants? A qualified HVAC contractor will have an EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) license to handle refrigerants.

A Reliable Denton HVAC Contractor can Safeguard Your Investment

You don’t need to accept the first bid that you receive. Get several quotes from different HVAC contractors and take your time to compare them. If you have doubts about any company continue your search until you find one that meets your needs and that you feel comfortable working with. It’s easy to be tempted by the lowest bid but it’s not always the best choice. Ask the contractor to explain how he arrived at his estimate. You don’t want to skimp on quality where heating and cooling equipment are concerned but you do want the most value for your money.

A reliable Denton HVAC contractor is important for the successful installation and operation of your heating and cooling system. A qualified contractor will behave in a professional manner. If you have an appointment the HVAC contractor should arrive on time. If he is going to be late he should call you. Their vehicles and offices will reflect the quality of the business they run.

Accepting the lowest bid is not always a good idea. You want the best bid and that’s one where you will get quality equipment and service at the best price. The heating and air conditioning equipment in your home or business is a long term investment and you want to make certain the Denton HVAC contractor you choose will be there to help protect that investment.


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